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Plans at a glance

All Aetna plan options and key differences are shown below. It’s easy to find out which plans are available in your area, just enter your ZIP code below.

This chart shows Aetna plan options for: HMO Plans, Value Plans, HDHP Plans, CDHP Plans, Aetna Direct and Aetna Medicare Advantage.
Feature HMO Plans Value Plans HDHP Plans CDHP Plans Aetna Direct Aetna Medicare Advantage
Specialist referral? No (except CA) No No No No No
National network? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Out of network coverage? No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes**
Deductible? No Yes, but not for office visits or prescriptions Yes, but not for preventive care Yes, but not for preventive care Waived with Medicare A & B No
Prescription coverage? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic dental and vision? Yes No Yes Yes No No
HSA or fund? No No Yes, HSA Yes, Fund Yes, Fund No
Flat copays for medical care? Yes* Yes, office visits No No No No
Wellness credits No Yes Yes Yes No No
Waived deductible and coinsurance? No No No No Yes, when Medicare A and B are primary Plan has no deductible or coinsurance
*Flat copays for most covered services in the HMO Plans. Certain regions require coinsurance (a percentage of the covered cost) for hospital coverage.
**Out-of-network provider must accept Medicare, please visit the plan page details to search for providers that accept Aetna Medicare Advantage.