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2020 Open Enrollment

Dig deeper with the tools below and get smart about your health choices!

Enrolling or switching your health plan is easier than you’d expect.

Simply follow the instructions below

For FEHB Medical Plans:

  1. Choose a medical plan.
    • New hires have 60 days to choose benefits
  2. Have the answers to the following questions ready:
    • Will you be enrolling yourself only or you and your family?
    • Which plan did you select?
    • What is the enrollment code for that plan?
    • You can find the enrollment code using our tool to the right.
  3. Most agencies enroll electronically using one of the online tools listed below:
  4. If your agency uses paper forms, you will need the SF 2809 (available below).
  5. If you are an annuitant (retiree), and would like to enroll in Aetna Direct or any other Aetna plan please see below:
    • To Enroll online using OPM’s Open Season Online system: click here:
    • To Enroll by Phone: call the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Retirement Information Center at 1-888-767-6738 (or 1-800-878-5707 for a TDD for the hearing impaired).
    • Retirees in the Washington DC local calling area should dial 202-606-0551 for a TDD for the hearing impaired.
    • Send an email to OPM at

Just you and one eligible family member?

Just you and your child? Or just you and your spouse? Consider Self Plus One.

It’s a new enrollment type in the FEHB Program. You’ll be able to cover yourself and one eligible family member. Starting in 2016, all FEHB plans, including Aetna, will offer Self Only, Self Plus One, and Self and Family enrollment options. Employees and annuitants will be able to select this beginning in the 2015 Open Season. For more information visit

Find your enrollment code. Enter your home or work zip code below:

New Hires have 60 days to choose benefits.

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Welcome members of the uniformed services

For details on eligibility and more information on FEDVIP, please visit our TRICARE information page or visit the website