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Schedule a one on one

A friendly voice

Meet one-on-one with an Aetna team member

Schedule a One-on-One phone or video appointment.

Simply choose a date and an Aetna team member will call you. All Phone appointments are scheduled for 20 minutes and Video appointments are available for 30 mins during open season.

We get it, health plans can be complex – you've got questions. We're here to simplify the process. This feature allows you to find a date and time that's right for you to talk to an Aetna Team Member via phone or video*. Simply choose a date and time, enter a bit of info about yourself, and an Aetna team member will call you to help get your questions answered.

*Video appointments are available via Webex and may require you to download the mobile app or desktop version join. For information on how to join via webex visit Webex Help Center or watch this video.

Notice for members - due to HIPAA laws and Privacy concerns for any customer service or claims concerns please log into the Aetna Navigator to send us an email or call Customer Service at 888-238-6240.

When scheduling an appointment, you'll have the opportunity to:


For Phone Appointments:
Choose a date and meet with the first available team member:

Find first available opening


For Video Appointments:
Choose a date and meet with the first available team member:

Video link for Timetrade will be provided


Or choose a specific team member you'd like to talk with:

Choose a team member

By providing Aetna with your e-mail address or telephone number, you agree to allow Aetna to contact you regarding information related to its health benefits plans, products, services, and/or educational information related to health care.

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