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Aetna Perks

Being a member has its perks!

We’re here to help you save money and stay healthy

So we build our discount program right into your plan. You don’t pay anything to use the discount program. Just choose the discounts that fit your lifestyle and start saving. There are no claim forms or referrals or limits on how much you can save.

Check out some of the great discounts available to you below.

Once you’re a member you’ll have access to savings information on gym memberships, fitness gear, fitness plans, weight loss programs and more. If you are already an Aetna member, visit your member website to check out these and the many other discounts available to you.

DISCOUNT OFFERS ARE NOT INSURANCE. They are not benefits under your insurance plan. You get access to discounts off the regular charge on products and services offered by third party vendors and providers. Aetna makes no payment to the third parties--you are responsible for the full cost. Check any insurance plan benefits you have before using these discount offers, as those benefits may give you lower costs than these discounts. Discount vendors and providers are not agents of Aetna and are solely responsible for the products and services they provide. Discount offers are not guaranteed and may be ended at any time. Aetna may get a fee when you buy these discounted products and services. Vision care providers are contracted through Aetna Vision℠ Preferred. LASIK laser eye surgery discounts are offered by the U.S. Laser Network and Qualsight. Natural products and services are offered through ChooseHealthy®, a program provided by ChooseHealthy, Inc. which is a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). ChooseHealthy is a registered trademark of ASH and is used with permission.

All trademarks and logos are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

New Hires have 60 days to choose benefits.

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