2018 plan year

Open Access® HMO plans:
Washington, DC Metro Area (PDF) - DC, MD, VA
Northeast (PDF) - DE, NJ, NY, PA (southeastern)
Other (PDF) - AZ, CA, GA, PA (western), TN
Kansas (PDF) - Kansas City (KS, MO)

Plans with PPO Networks:
Aetna HealthFund® HDHP with HSA (PDF)
Aetna HealthFund® CDHP (PDF)
Aetna Value Plan (PDF)
Aetna Direct (PDF)

Altius Health Plans:
HMO (PDF) - UT, ID (Southwest & Eastern), WY (Uinta County)
HDHP (PDF) - UT, ID (Southwest & Eastern), WY (Uinta County)

For information about our plans available through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), please visit our Dental PPO Plan site or our Aetna Vision Preferred site.

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